Metabolic Care

Metabolic Health Consultation

A one hour virtual consultation provides patients with an opportunity to ask Dr. Lenzkes questions pertaining to their metabolic health including lab review and individual recommendations. If the consultation prompts a desire to work further on metabolic health goals or have the doctor order follow up labs, imaging(i.e. DEXA or CAC), and monitor CGM readings, the Metabolic Health Maintenance plan would be an option.

Currently, we are able to accept patients who are residents of Arizona.

Metabolic Health Consultation Pricing:
$350 for a 60 minute consultation

Metabolic Health Maintenance

After being seen for a consultation, the patient has the option of joining our monthly Metabolic Health Maintenance program for continuing care and to pursue health goals at a discounted rate. The Maintenance plan can be customized to 2 half hour visits/month or 1 half hour visit/month. Ongoing lab order/review and monitoring of CGM included as well as access to bi-weekly group Zoom meetings. Maintenance plan can be discontinued at any time.

Metabolic Health Maintenance Pricing:
$200 for 2 half hour visits/month
$100 for 1 half hour visit/month